• I had two of the ugliest kids you have ever saw.
  • Only mothers can think their children are beautiful after birth - they have to have some good reason for going through all that work. Fathers tend to think their children's heads look squashed, red, and ugly. A child's appearance gradually improves, becoming absolutely perfect after they leave home permanently.
  • If the parents are in an "ugly" mood they might think their kids are ugly too. In reality it's only a reflection of how they feel inside. If they have low self-esteem and high expectations they often pass that along to their children. There are no ugly children only ugly judgements.
  • If a parent thinks their child is ugly, then they think they temselves are ugly because THEIR child has THEIR genes. To someone else, the child may look ugly after it is born, but it will look better after a couple more months. Usually only children their own age will think someone is ugly. It's not normal for a grown person to think a child is ugly. If a mother says her child is ugly, it's usually because she thinks she is ugly herself or is in a really bad mood. She never TRULY means it though, at least unless she's a terrible mother.
  • Mine do all the time
  • LOL! thank u for being honest, IF that is what you're doing. I have wondered that myself... Personally, I know I have 4 beautiful kids. But if your answer is honestly how you feel, well I suppose parents do ask themselves that question.
  • I think some parents must think "how unfortunate" when comparing another child's looks against their own child. Some mothers who enter their children into modeling competitions or beauty pageants must realize that their own child will never win many trophies. So often kids are picked on a school for "looking different" and parents must be aware of why their kids cope the abuse they do. It is sad to think that we are so judgmental towards either other. Yes, I would have to say that there are some kids that got poked with the ugly stick once too often.
  • I don't know what the norm is here but I'll share a story with you. I had my baby via c-section and I was constantly told what a beautiful newborn I had, I thought this was just something everybody said to you when you had a baby, and I didn't care what people thought anyways, then I met this lady who had seen pictures of my daughter from the hours after her birth and she said to me "You are SO lucky to have a nice looking baby, I'm seriously, you are lucky! My kids were UGLY, I mean UGLY untill they were about 5 years old!" I was shocked ;)
  • A friend of mine said that there are ugly babies but to me the baby look wrinkle during the first day because they were in their mother's womb. As for me, I saw my son looking at me for the first time and I knew he is a handsome kid. He still is. I give glory to God for that.
  • Never... But i do look at them and think can they really be as gorgeous as i think they are, or am i blinded by love...
  • I don't think so, but I've seen some ugly kids in my day and thought "poor thing, a face only a mother could love" and the parents still thought they had the most beautiful baby ever; as well they should.
  • Do you ever look at your questions and think, gee, what an ugly attitude I have?
  • Do you ever look at your questions and think, gee, what an ugly attitude I have?
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