• Yes, and they would wear out and get "bald" in some spots! I don't see them around much.
  • Man, you just brought back some memories. I think we all had a pair of those and now my kids do too.
  • Yeah I wore a brown pair the other day. I guess I'm out dated. Oh well they were clean and they fit. What more can a women want?
  • I used to wear corduroy pants and I noticed the same thing. In fact, I like them. I haven't had any in a long time. Yes, there are people who still wear them.
  • yes,yes, now it is not easy to find. so I buy black or marine jean's and let it cut as short shorts to go walking, bicking...I like stroking myself under thes shorts...
  • yes and yes..but I don't have corduroy pants...I have a couple of light corduroy shirts.
  • What do you mean "still'? Of course I do;-)
  • Yes, they seemed to keep me warm in the winter. I had a black pair a few years back, didn't make the noise I remembered.
  • Yes, I had a pair of those, too. I have a black pair now, but they don't make that noise. I also have a khaki colored corduroy blazer now.
  • LMAO! Yeah I wore them when I was little. But, I started buying them at surf shops when I was in high school too. I buy cords for my daughters too now. I think they're cute!
  • I live in Montreal, Canada. Young men wear corduroys from September to May. The are a lot of nicely styled corduroy suits, jeans and pants. Maybe a little less than 20 years ago. I guess corduroy is made differently because it does not make the sound it used to make when corduroy was a thick rugged fabric. Nowadays, it is a lot softer, much more like velvet.
  • Lol I wore those when I was younger, but I dont have any now. I would probably wear them if I had some though. I have some of those nylon type gym pants that make a swishy noise when I walk though and I wear them, there wicked comfortable just kinda annoying to walk or especially run in.
  • They were actually quite popular two or three years ago as men's dress pants and I believe they are always cool for college students in Boston in the winter. Never after April first though.
  • When I was young and my parents lived in Colorado I wore corduroy pants mainly during cold weather as they keep a person warmer. When they moved to South Texas i quit wearing them.
  • Were a regular part of my wardrobe through the 1970s. Really quite comfortable - I miss them.

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