• Firing squad. The good guy in all the westerns goes out that way... complete with cigarette and his dignity.
  • Electric chair. I've herd that you poop your pants while it's happening. I would love to go out with a poop!
  • firing squad of course, (assuming they aim for the head) you die an immediate, painless death. thats assuming they dont miss the head too!
  • Firing Squad ! Expert shooters only please !!
  • Firing squad all the way...swift, painless....ahhh
  • Hanging sounds like the least painful.
  • A shot to the dome from the firing squad.
  • Firing squad, with a blindfold and a cigarette. I want to go out in style!
  • Electric chair...Modern, quick and easy.
  • I would like to be hung with an eclectic wire and then shot just to be disgraced... i mean thats the most humane way i see fit
  • Firing squad, it's the quickest. Least truama. - you'd be dead before you even realised there was pain.
  • Like any good soldier, firing squad.
  • Firing squad
  • Let's do it! FROM WIKIPEDIA: Execution Gary Gilmore was executed by firing squad January 17, 1977, at 8:07 a.m. The night before, Gilmore had requested an all-night gathering of friends and family at the prison mess hall. On the evening before his execution, he was served a last meal consisting of a steak, potatoes, milk and coffee, of which he only consumed the milk and coffee. He was then taken to an abandoned cannery behind the prison which served as the prison's death house. He was strapped to a chair, with a wall of sandbags placed behind him to absorb the bullets. Five gunmen, local police, stood concealed behind a curtain with five small holes cut for them to place their rifles through which were aimed at him. After being asked for any last words, Gilmore simply replied, "Let's do it." Gilmore had requested that, following his execution, his eyes be used for transplant purposes. Within hours of the execution, two people received his corneas. His body was sent for an autopsy and cremated later that day. The following day, his ashes were scattered from an airplane over Spanish Fork, Provo, and Springville, Utah
  • electric bullets from a hung firing squad?no i'd prefer hanging but long drop me with a good knot snaps the neck instantly,it's painless as well.
  • I choose to death by copulation!
  • Hmmmm. Hanging. But make sure it does it properly so I'm not wriggling for ages before I ACTUALLY die.
  • lethal injection one little poke and its good night hanging a rope can brake you might live and just gasp for air, firing squad could just lode blanks that would mess with your head for sure or just shoot you in the air or leg watch you bleed out. then you have to ask what caliber your being shot with if its a 22 might have to go with the shock. i did not pick electric shock as my first choice because i have touched open wires 110 and 220 it hurts but you can live through it i only st udder a little bit now
  • Firing squad I want to be on when I'm out :) 3+++
  • Lethal injection??
  • FIRING SQUAD. As a final request I'd have unprotected sex with a prostitute (funded by U.S. tax dollars lol), I'd eat spaghetti with a glass of red wine as my final meal, I'd wear a suit (any brand, as long as it's dark) for my last outfit, I would drink a fifth of vodka right before the execution, and then I would be smoking a Cuban cigar while staring into the eyes of one of the firing squad riflemen... ahh, what a way to be executed!
  • Firing squad.

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