• Then you really need to call YOUR VET! I'm sorry but this is not really enough information to make any sort of educated guess as to what the problem might be. It could be that the food you are feeding is not agreeing with could be he needs his total daily food broken up into several meals and not just one or could be he has gotten into something... A vet can check his temp, listen to his stomach, heart, lungs..check his mucus membranes, check a stool sample that you bring in..and do blood work if it is needed..WE can do none of these things! He could also have something (small bone or part of a toy or anything from a paper clip to who knows what stuck in his throat...we can't see him! You don't say if he is showing any other abnormal behaviors... I would say that SOMETHING is clearly preventing him from settling down and relaxing...discomfort or pain would be indicated...which means...PLEASE DO CALL YOUR VET OR AN EMERGENCY CLINIC NOW! This is for your dog's best interest..not because I don't want to help you!
  • Is he eating properly? Small breeds can get severe upset stomachs and Hypogylcemia if they do not eat enough food. I would take him to the vet and make sure he does not have an obstruction of some sort.
  • Is your toy poodle new? Sounds like your toy poodle is just his behavior problems if your dog is 2-3 months old, or is new to your home? My toy poodle had the same when she was 2-3 months old. Did you spray your toy poodle? Maybe your dog has ear infection, or eye problem. you need to clean your toy poodle's ear, and eyes daily, and comb/brush his hairs daily. Bath him every 2-3 weeks

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