• We don't have Social Security numbers in Australia, so it has never been a problem for me :)
  • WOW, they make you expose it in the army? That's a shame. But to answer your question, yes I try to guard it with my life. My children's also. Where I live identity theft is a big problem. Without being rude, we live close to the Mexico border, if you know what I mean. I used to collect drug tests when I worked in a lab and seen over 25 Jose Garcia's a day. Some with the same ss#. And get this I could do nothing about it except collect there sample. So yes my social is very important to me! It's MINE!
  • I do and I've tried to minimize my risk of identity theft by opting out of unsolicited credit card offers and by shredding old financial statements. If I were a bit more paranoid, I'd get a locked mail box and would put either a fraud alert on my credit reports or spend the money to freeze them. I also use Firefox (with a customized adblock), run adware/spyware searches on a regular basis, and block cookies from sites I don't like.
  • Yes I do. There is to much fraud and identity theft out there today. One can never be to careful.
  • It's a joke here - the Security Officers have to have it on their ID badges, along with their full names...I could easily steal a sozen identities a day if I wanted to...

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