• You need to do some soul searching & find out what's REALLY bothering you. Is the spark in the relationship gone? Once you look inside yourself, it may be easier to get to the root of the problem. Whne you feel like you are going to chew him a new a-hole, think of WHY you are about to go off, & if he really deserves it. Also it would help if you kept remiding your self that you would not like him to treat you like that. Good Luck.
  • How long have you been with him? How old is he? Why does he seem to push your buttons? You really need to think about this relationship in another way- if he pushs you to be so angry why are you with him- you say you love and care for him but can it be that you feel for him the same way you would feel for a friend? Be honest with yourself when you try to figure out why he gets you so angry. When it all boils down, are you afraid of getting really close with this person?
  • I had the same problems. We finally decided that we should take some time off from being BF and GF. So we are really good friends and we don't date other people. We have been good friends now for 5 months and things are being worked out! For me I can express my self about things he does to bother me as friends rather then BF and GF. He knows that I love him and I know he loves me and that is good enough for us! Keep me updated!
  • Count to ten before you respond. Also, think before you speak. Words can sometimes be sharper than a knife and cannot be taken back.
  • Common problem is that we are attracted to opposites...then we spend so much energy on trying to change that person into our clone. If you are getting mad because he doesn't do..or be..the way you think he should, then perhaps this is what is happening. Try accepting him just the way he is...not correcting him or expecting him to do things YOUR way...and observe. You may notice that (altho feeling irritated) you will fight less. Then, if this is the case, accept that the fighting is on you..not him...and you have to learn to accept him and let go of the irritation response.
  • haha! thats wat used to happend to me with my bf...but now we are fine...yuh just have to try to not show him yuh get so mad at him...try to show him stuff that he do care about him...tell him cute stuff...but he has to do it bak 2...cuz in a relationship is of 2 not just one
  • maybe you shouldnt be with him if youre mad at him all the time

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