• it can, but it depends on how much of a gap there is. People can make anything work if they try hard enough.
  • Sure they can. I think it's very individual. I've noticed that some twenty year old guys that I know are more mature than some forty year old guys I know, so that may be one of the reasons older women turn to younger men.
  • Does 9 years count?
  • Yeah,just like a relationship with a older man and a younger woman would last,as long,as they care about each other,trust each other,and treat each other good.
  • yeah no worries at all...I have friends who have been together for 20years and there is 20years difference in their ages ....and he can't keep up with her
  • In most cases a man is better off financially to provide for a wife and family. Given the general life expectance of men and women. If the woman is 8 years older, they are likely to spend much less time as widow or widower. It appears most women prefer men a few years older than themselves. Like many older men that seek out much younger women , older women seeking younger men seems a misguided ego trip. Now the good part. There are women in their 60's and 70' that look in their 20's or 30's. And many healthy and active. As to men. Women seem to prefer taller men. Good enough but you see men 6'2 and taller really thinning out in their 40's, heart trouble. Can't blame women wanting younger men. Most men become complete couch potatoes by their mid 40's.
  • I'm in a relationship right now with a younger man; 13 years younger to be exact. At first I didn't know how old he was & was just very attracted to him. I knew he was a lot younger then myself though, so when he asked for my number; I told him to give me his instead. Giving me the option to use it or not. The crazy part is, one day I was bored & called him and we've been together ever since ... it will be 2 years in May. We never fought, always laughed & got along perfectly! He was like a breath of fresh air to me and I couldn't imagine how I spent so many years of my life without him. He made me smile in a way I have never smiled before ... like almost as if my heart was beating only for him. The way he looked at me gave me the most amazing feeling, because I could see in his eyes how much he loved & adored me. Then, recently we had a baby boy and my son means the world to me & I thank God for him every day; but it seems like now all we do is argue over everything & a lot turn into nasty fights (saying things we would never normally say). It's not that my feelings changed because I love him just as much now if not more than before, but I am really starting to notice the age difference and maturity when it comes to responsibilities and priorities. I'm afraid that we aren't gonna get past this. I know these kind of relationships can work and last, but it is no piece of cake and it takes a lot more work and understanding.
  • I think it depends on the maturity level on both sides. Sure, it can last, in fact it seems to be the going thing these days.
  • yes, for whatever reason, this match does seem to have staying power.
  • Where there is love age doesn't matter! Happy Holidays!!
  • sure they can, my friends mom is 51, and his dad is 40 and they are the happiest couple out there
  • I am a thirty one year old male in a relationship with a thirty nine year old female. Thus far our relationship is working after 18 months or so.Previously I was in a six year relationship with someone six years younger than myself, obviously this didnt work out, not due to age I dont think we were just two different people heading in two different directions. I didnt look for someone older after this I just met someone I was attracted to and related to.I think that the only thing to hinder a relationship with an age gap is if the elder member of the relationship is insecure about the gap, and believes that the younger will eventually leave for someone closer to their age bracket. I guess I will have to wait and see if this is the case, I dont believe one could be so fickle if they are truly in love.
  • i think it depends on the man's age group. if he's over a certain age where he's mature about emotions and not only thinking about sex then i think it would last longer.
  • As long as grandma has the cash she'll always have a young stud by her side.
  • Love holds no boundaries in my book, check out Demi and Ashton!
  • sure they can!!!
  • No as soon as a younger men finds younger women he will leaves the older women ,but this depend how much they love each others.
  • Age doesn't mean much to SOME men. They love the woman for who she is. Those are great guys to catch!
  • as gd of a chance that any other
  • I'm a 27 y o male and my gal is 32. I'm actually quite concerned about the future of this relationship cuz she's all day talking about babies and stuff. Besides, some of my older mates reckon that on a long therm relationship she'll "lose" her libido lot before I do.
  • Mine lasted more than 3 years,I don't think a 17 year age difference can be a long term thing,just my opinion.
  • it depend on the what type of relationship one have with each others.
  • I think so but I'm not sure, but I would be willing to give it a shot. +4
  • it depends, how mature the younger man much he likes her and puts for her. and how of a good self esteem the older woumen has.[seeing that there is alot of beutiful girls out there specialy his age . really it takes alot of does two major things i just mention.

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