• In your comment there is the assumption that there is a finite amount of financial resources. Producers can simply raise the budget and then pay fairly. I see some movies because I really like the female actor/star. She should get the lions share.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      There is a finite amount money. Investors and such don't just write blank checks. Either way, what I'm talking about is the hypocrisy where you have a male actor complaining about wage gaps but not being willing to take a pay cut himself. I guess it's not that pressing of an issue, huh? The way I see it, better actors get better pay. If I can get more money to make a movie, why shouldn't I? If I make more than you, should I take a pay cut so that we're the same? Should the actor whose name only appears in the end credits get the same money as the one whose name is before the movie title?
    • Roaring
      Yes Julia Roberts was never underpaid. She knew her value.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Absolutely. And if they don't like what they're offered in pay, don't take the job, it's that simple, right?

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