• If you think you can re-ignite the love and you feel that he is worth the effort and that this is a fruitful and growing relationship with a lot of positive energy, than try. Other wise, break the ties now, rediscover your single self, and then meet the next person that is going to bring good things to your life.
  • I think you should break up with each other because love can't be measured; you either love - absolutely, or you don't love. So what you feel for each other isn't love at all if it has lessened. If you break up now each of you will have the opportunity to find somebody you can love.
  • only you can make that decision,try and talk to him, to see what has made him not love you as much, see if you can work it out, if you guys truly find that it is not working for you than go your seprate ways and find happiness,with others. then at least youe said you tried and it couldn't work. good luck to you both.

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