• I think a doctor can prescribe braces for your legs to correct this. I'm a bit pigeon-toed (the opposite problem) but it doesn't really bother me. Edit: If I make a conscious effort I can walk with my toes straight/pointed slightly outward but I usually don't think about it.
  • I have the same problem, my feet turn out from birth. I was told once that you can re-train yourself to walk with them pointing more forward, it does take a lot of concentration. After awhile, you don't need quite as much concentration and it does work a bit. For me surgery was an option, but not one that I took. It would require them basically breaking and re-setting my hips. There are braces and supports that can help some too -- and sometimes even something like physical therapy or a chiropracter.
  • You can only correct this with surgery. It is just the way your hips are set their sockets or the femoral torsion (rotation of the bone). If you are having pain, try orthotics for you shoes. You may be surprised at how well they work.
  • My brother had this problem as a child, only his feet were turned inwards about 45 degrees. They corrected it with casts, but he still does it a bit. I would think surgery would be the only way to correct it in adults.
  • My feet do that too, but it doesn't cause me any back problems. My dad is the same... so I thought it was a family thing.
  • Well, I will share my experience with you then. Similarly, I walk like a duck (My feet spread out in a roughly 80 degree angle, pretty much a V shaped thing). That was 4 years ago. It was 4 years ago that I started forcing myself to walk with my feet straightened and proper. It was rather discomforting at first, but over time, it just became natural, and nowadays,I walk absolutely straight. It even feels weird to walk outwards now.(This will take a lot of mental effort,but it works). Cheers.
  • Visit a podiatrist for a biomechanical assessment and advice. I have the same problem and am told it relates to foot pronation (rolling my feet in so the arch almost touches the floor). However the pronation may not be the cause of the turnout, rather the other way around... that's why you shouldn't take my word for it or any random person's on the internet! By the way, I have recently been prescribed orthotics and I think it is helping my posture and the foot turn-out issue. Good luck! PS Maybe try ballet lessons. The teacher will probably love you and it might improve your posture. ;-)
  • Go to a podiatrist or orthopaedic doctor.
  • Stop listening to people who tell you there's something wrong with you. I recommend some good insoles tho. Timberland Pro has the best quality insoles at the best price.

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