• I'd imagine not (the guy shoots with a bow and arrow and eats what he kills), but I've heard some people say that he auctioned off a wolf hunt for charity in 2002. Aerial "hunting" doesn't even give the wolves a chance. I'd really like verification before I believe this, though.
  • If indeed Ted is a supporter of these horrific and senseless "trophy hunts" matter the supposed reasoning behind it.....well, as much as we loved the guy all these many years........that will all end in an instant and I will boycott anything Ted Nugent far as hunting is concerned. If you want to understand my views and know me better, because I do not disagree 100% with hunting for food and needs.....etc. Contact me @ I really hOpe the Nuge has not done such a heartless and unforgiveable thing. We'll see, I suppose.
  • Yep! it's true. And, I stiLL feel tHe same about it.

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