• The rich and middle class support the poor!! Not any politician I've ever known! Who do you think are paying all those taxes that go to support all the programs for the poor? How would you like for the rich to choose to move their riches somewhere else? True Christians and all other moral individuals who choose to donate to programs for the poor are going above and beyond what is already forced in the form of taxes. No one has to be 'deamonized'. Its not the government's job to support the poor, its the job of their parents or family to teach them how to take care of themselves! And to help them if they are not able. We are blessed in this country to have many programs to help! And we need to acknowledge the ones who really pay for it not give credit to some talking head! We are all commanded to love thy neighbor as thy self! That's true whether they are rich or poor by the way! And if everyone did there would be no poor! But it doesn't happen to be in The Constitution or the Bill of Rights! Its not the job of the government to support each individual from birth to grave! Its the job of humans to help those less fortunate.
    • Chicagoan
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      LJ is all rugged individualism until it come down to her. Then when she needs help she had no problem with government assistance. That's the way they all are. BTW the states with the top 5 rates of food stamp assistance are New Mexico (21%), Louisiana (17%), West Virginia (17%), Alabama (15%), and Mississippi (15%). They are all in the South and all Republican and Conservative. lol And they are all rugged individualist. They are also hypocrites. lol .....
  • What are YOU doing to help the poor, axe77? Do you care enough to move more than just your mouth or fingers as the case may be to help someone less fortunate than yourself? Are you willing to do what you preach? Please do tell us what you were motivated to do for the poor before you chose to criticize someone else for not doing it! Maybe in the process others will be inspired to choose to actually help the poor instead of criticizing others and more will actually get done to help them. I suggest supporting your local homeless shelter as a start either with a financial donation, your time and talents or both!
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  • Support the poor how? What do they need, in your opinion?
  • A Huffington Post article? That's what you're basing your question on? Do you have anything deeper than that?
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      You and The Federalist. Get real.
  • only tirne will tell
  • If i ran as a Democratic US President .. I would not hurt the rich or the poor I would support all people ..I would not raise taxes on rich or the poor ..There would be great healthcare for both the Upperclass and Middleclass
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      If you ran as a Democrat for President, you would do what your handlers tell you to do just like all of the other Democrats. The only Democratic President who thought for himself was JFK - and look what happened to him.
  • You've got this one backwards as well! haha Its the rich who support Trump and Biden! And 'the poor' need a hand UP NOT A HAND OUT!
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm not rich and I support Trump.... just sayin'. But you're right, no one needs a hand out.
    • Chicagoan
      You guys were more than happy to cash your stimulus checks! Two-face much?
    • Army Veteran
      The stimulus checks are our own money - it's called "TAXES", nitwit.
  • As a voter in the USA, you can, in fact, vote for whomever you wish. If your vote is cast for a person who is ineligible for office, that person cannot be elected to that office, regardless of how many votes they receive. Furthermore, if a person receives more votes than another person, but that person is not endorsed by the party that controls the votes of that particular state or jurisdiction, the likelihood of your vote actually meaning anything concrete is virtually nothing, as the US president is not chosen based off of popular vote anyway, but rather is decided by the "electors," who are beholden to party politicians.
  • Trump doesn't support insider trading. What is Nancy Pelosi up to? Why do you think they are gunning for Joe Rogan so hard hes pointed out what she is doing more than once.
  • There's nothing wrong with "supporting the rich". The important aspects of a President should be focused on how he does the job he was elected to do. A lot of people don't see the reality that has been the contrast between the Trump Administration and the train wreck Biden has created. There are still millions of deniers out there who hate Trump for no other reason than they were told to. Most never heard much about Trump before he threw his hat into the ring. They learned all they needed to know from celebrities and Democrats who supported impeaching him before the 2016 election was even held. No one can honestly say that once they have their minds made up by that time to hate him, they ever gave Trump a fair shake. The American economy was the best it had been in decades under the Trump administration. Naysayers point to the end of his administration and the way everything crumbled - then say it was all his fault because it happened under his watch. But the truth is, the Democrats spent 4 years - his entire administration on a witch hunt to force him out. Scandal after scandal, illegal investigations, an impeachment with no foundation, and finally, when all else failed, Dr. Fauci colluding with the Chinese to unleash the Coronavirus in late December 2019 so that it would destroy Trump's entire 2020 administration. Those of you who were elated when Trump lost still deny that the election was stolen just as you deny that Biden's promise to "Build Back Better" has been nothing but a destroy America campaign. In the year he has been President, he has done NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING for the American people except weaken the nation. This has all been explained before - many times. But deniers will always be deniers and it shows in the reflection on their intelligence. They treat the "no child left behind" law as a badge of honor.
  • No. "The poor" don't have enough to be able to contribute a significant amount of money to a campaign. Democrats and Republicans both have ALWAYS made "big business" their primary concern...which is why both parties have retained popularity and competitiveness. They often cater to DIFFERENT SIDES of "big business"...but more often you'll see any particular "big business" contributing significantly to BOTH Republican and Democrat campaigns ("hedging their bets" as it were).
    • Creamcrackered
      Ding, ding, ding, that's the jackpot! That's the truth.
  • No, probably not. The parties choose who they want to run. We don't really have much to say about it.
  • Biden does not support the rich. In fact, he wants them to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Biden didn't coin the term "welfare queen" Reagan did.
  • Well unfortunatelly VT I sen Bernie Sanders is too old to run for US pres Meantime vote Democrat. Dems are known to help low income people with much needed programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, social security, social program too.
  • Well unfortunatelly VT I sen Bernie Sanders is too old to run for US pres Meantime vote Democrat. Dems are known to help low income people with much needed programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, social security, social program too.
  • At least Donald Trump try to support the rich by making it possible for them to set up business in the USA in which the poor can get a decent job and a decent living. The Dems and the Rinos support sending jobs overseas for it to be done by slave labor which is of no benefit to the poor Americans and leave them dependent upon the government.

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