• Try church choir. It is easier to sing as part of a group - if you have stage fright you can lip the words and pretend to be singing until you find your voice. Further as you go to choir practice you will be singing along with others - not alone - however it is close enough to singing in front of others to help you overcome that stage fright.
  • I have a similar issue. Something that helps me is getting involved with other finding other musicians/singers and having a casual jam. After doing it a few times you become more and more comfortable singing around people.
  • I would recommend doing something simple and free. Go out with your family or friends to a karaoke bar. Sing with them on stage on a really fun song. Then after a little while have one or two of them sit down. Till eventually it's just you. Do this on regular basis. There are tons of places to sing karaoke. If you have a good voice then people will naturally want to hear you sing and you will be encouraged by their appreciation of your talent.
  • A choir is the right place to start. A good choral conductor will help your singing and having succesfull performances will help with your performance anxiety.
  • same problem over here but just relax and picture who ever is watching you in their underwear and you will be just fine and the second advice if the first one didnt work try this dont look at the audience just look up to the roof and sing (exuse me if i had any spelling mistake) and good look
  • choir is good...karaoke too-get your friends to get up there with you.
  • Hi there. I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I'm a singing and career guidance coach, and this is one of the top questions I get asked. Here are a few ideas for you to consider: 1) If you are planning to sing in front of others, make sure you have really prepared your song before-hand by practicing a good number of times. While you are practicing, mentally see yourself singing in front of others and pretend that you are doing it without fear. Athletes do this kind of visualizing all the time. See yourself singing well and having a great response from the audience. This type of visualizing can have amazing results! 2) Rather than worrying about how your listeners are reacting (most stage fright comes from fear of being judged) - turn the tables and think about giving the song to them as a gift. If the song is uplifting, then you are lifting them up. If the song is sad, then you are giving them the chance to relate to that emotion. And remember that most people want you to succeed! 3) Lastly, it really helps to get very involved with what you are singing about. Think about the words, focus on them when you sing. "Act" the song and you will spend more time thinking about the poem and it's meaning rather than the fact that there are people watching and listening to you. Try it - it works!! Good luck! Malya Muth
  • How about singing in a tape recorder and when you are satisfied with it, let someone you trust hear it besides your mom. This way you can get more confidence and not have to worry about messing up since you already know its good.
  • I have the same problem. I went to a musical camp and I had to audition in front of everyone! That really freaked me out. Then eventually, when I made friends, I was ok to sing around them. Then everybody else. It just happened! When the big show came along, i was so afraid to sing my solo, but I ended up ok. I actually wanted to sing more! But i only had one solo. Its just the beginning that your afraid of. Then, once your up there, you feel totally fine, once the crowd really gets into what your singing, and you can get into it as well. Then the crowd practically feeds off of what your singing.
  • Join the Church choir or community chorus to get used to singing in front of others. Let the director know you are interested in auditioning for any solos.
  • try singing in front of your very close friends first, and then slowly you will lose the fear. hope i could help. (:
  • The best way to dip your feet in the water, if you will, is to go to smell open mic venues. Coffee shops, little hole-in-the-wall bars. People will applaud you no matter what, it'll build your confidence, and it'll make you better.
  • go sing on singsnap its free and you can sing all day long
  • just tell them the truth that youre stagefright and would rather not sing
  • i get stagefright about singing too so i just dont, you can ask your friends to listen to you if you want to sing in front of people

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