• This sounds more like the distinction between love and obsession. Jealousy is usually a combination of one's insecurity and obsession. It is possible that he loves you, but more likely that he is obsessed. The two are often confused, especially with the younger crowd.
  • Your ex, I'm sure, loved you to a degree. But what he suffered from was Selfishness and Selfcenteredness, which undermined what Love truly is. So, Yes. He loved you, but he was afraid and insecure. That made him selfish. Another word for Jealousy is selfishness. If you ever find a lover who is selfish (jealous, I mean)... the next question is: When is the divorce. It is absolutely one of the most destructive and posessive insecurities anyone can possibly own.
  • well..depends whats the degree of that jealousy as to a certain extent it reflects love in some cases and is allright once you get together forever.However it becomes distructive if encouraged so if you have got over him now consider it a reasonably okay decision as you said he ALWAYS got jealous.Its anytime better to learn a lesson and look ahead than to stop at every turn,look back and crib.
  • Your ex was probably obsessed, not in love. If he did tell you that he loved you then he probably was just infatuated... This comes straight from the bible and tells you what you need to know about love. "Love is Patient, Love is Kind, It does not envy. It is not proud. It is not rude, It is not self-seeking, It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil But rejoices with the Truth. IT ALWAYS TRUSTS, Always hopes, Always perseveres, LOVE NEVER FAILS." 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-8. As you can see, it said that love always trusts and never obviously your ex wasnt in love with you, he probably thought he was, but wasnt. I hope this answered your question, take care. PS: I know some people dont believe in the bible and disagree, but if you read that passage, it does seem like true love. I hope I didnt offend anybody in any way.
  • I think that he loved you in his own way, he must have felt very insecure and threatened, and would have to deal with his own issues before ever really being able to love someone. I think that he has a low self-esteem and probably didn't feel good enough for you thus the reason for not wanting you to communicate with other people, he was probably scared that someone would treat u better than what he does and you would leave, not realizing that his behaviour is what is actually pushing you away.
  • No. "Love is patient, love is kind. Never jealous, free of pride."
  • I believe he does but his jealousy would always be in the way. His love for you was probably stronger than the love for himself( if he loved himself at all). Until he can identity with his internal issues it is best your not in a relationship with him.
  • I heard years ago that jealousy was not love but self love. When you truly love someone, you are happy for them, not busy feeling sorry for yourself. Friends are happy for you frenemies get jealous. Maybe he loved you as much as he was able, glad for you that he's an ex
  • People love the only way they know how. All we we know, see, and live through expierence is how we react to situations.
  • He, never loved himself He must have a up bringing that his family was very negitive and sead you arent good anought and went very supportative of him or his goals they may have been very judgmental and hurt him so he cant ever love any one else or trust any one.That may be the case.
  • i think its possible

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