• That's a tough one. Since you both don't have insurance you may have to pay a large fine. Now as far as who pays for the accident. That will have to be settled in small claims court. If you have a police report or eyewitnesses showing he was at fault you may have a better case.
  • The law says that you both need insurance. You can go after him for the costs of the accident, but you do need to prove that you have insurance if this has been reported to DMV - which at a certain amount of loss it should be. Get some insurance. consider this a wake up call.
  • If California law says you must have insurance to drive, then they are both in trouble. The courts could fine them both. They will both be fined for reckless driving and no insurance. Your friend will have to prove the other man was at fault and then sue him for the damage to his car. Now you know why you need to have your insurance the day you buy a car.

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