• To be honest, I have no idea. But I have found out that in Australia, a tune up costs $400, and every little major item also seems to cost $400. It seems like dealers around the world, have come up with this magical number of $400. Get a new radiator, $400 get a hose replaced, $400. Do it ya self for $80 and a days work, sure beats $400.
  • My wife has the 2001 Corolla S and her tensioner is going out as well. She has about 62000 miles on it. It has been making noise for a long time but we couldn't figure it out. Toyota wanted about $400 to replace the belt and tensioner. I think that is WAY too high. Toyota wants $160 for the tensioner alone. When I asked Toyota about this part the parts guy said that they go out a lot and they always keep them on hand. So basically it is a manufacturing defect. These things should not wear out so frequently. My wifes car started making the noise around 35K. I am just going to buy the parts and replace them myself!
  • Mine is a 2002 Corolla with 135K miles. I brought it to a dealer for transmission fluid flush and they told me the tensioner was leaking fluid and they wanted to charge me $380, plus tax. Too much, so I took it to a local shop and it's only $280, plus tax. If I replace the tensioner and belt myself, it would cost $210, plus tax, about $179 for the tensioner and $30 for the belt from a Toyota dealer. I think I'll just pay the $70 labor cost to have it done professionally.
  • There is a TSB (Technical service bulletin) on this tensioner that says the belt and tensioner should be replaced, as the parts have now changed to stop this from recurring. My estimate was 410.99 here in Sacramento for the belt and tensioner. I too was told it was "leaking". That was a farse... I am a technician and found out that the parts have been changed is the only reason they wanted to change it. I am going to order the parts at a cost of 124.00 for the tensioner and 65 for the belt. Total:$189.00. I just started to hear the noise it makes today so I am going to put it in this weekend. My car is the '03 S model with 68k miles. Anyone know how to get a marble out from under the parking brake area? I removed the plasitic housing under the brake(the whole center section between the seats), but was surprised to see only small holes in the top of a metal frame piece. Anyone know how to get into that area?
  • I have Corolla 2001, 62,000 km, and have no problems or so. Are you not still under manufacturer's warranty? I think it last for three yrs. Check with Toyota before spending aby money.
  • true. i had my tensioner replaced at 65k for my 2001 corolla. that was 2 months after i had my serpentine belt replaced. i am told that they go out at around the sametime, so makes sense to replace them both.

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