• Havent seen it yet but I did get a copy of the pic off the internet that has an alternate ending...Which has me ever so excited to see the theater version.I like the way Rob delves into Mikes childhood, I felt so sorry that no-one would take that poor little boy Trick or Treating.:(
  • I prefer the classic.
  • Um, yeah. Since when has the horror film genre transformed into pornographic snuff? Nice rape scene, Rob Zombie, perhaps, if you took the time to understand scare tactics in classic horror, you'd find it unnecessary to resort to such cheap means of shock. You're amateur at best. Perhaps you should turn your attention to John Carpenter as opposed to some 10¢ piece of erotic garbage you snagged from your local filling station as a kid. On a more constructive note, Sherry Moon Zombie is improving.
  • The classic is, well, a CLASSIC! It is amazing and horrifying. Althought, i love how we get to see mikey grow up in the new on and it makes him even more scarier.. even tho there is blood and guts and all that and slightly different outcomes, seeing mikey as a little boy and in the mental hospital and all that makes it so much more realistic and scary
  • I can understand the desire to see Mike's childhood, to see what made him who he became... but all it ended up doing was make him a regular person rather than an unstoppable killing machine. There is something scarier about a kid who is soulless rather than a kid who had one too many bad days (like any number of kids in broken homes) and finally lost it.
  • i thought it was pretty good.

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