• I suggest you stay in as asked and be polite to him.If you realise you did wrong, you might like to talk to him about it.Don't sulk as that may make things worse.It may be hard to let him 'unground' you early, but these methods may help.
  • Obviously I don't know what you did, but he is probably annoyed but deep down I doubt it has affected his trust for you. Me and my sister were always ungrounded way before we were meant to be grounded for :p
  • Stop being bad for 1. and 2. learn that trust is something earned and not given out lightly by parents. You want to be trusted? Stop getting into trouble!
  • Action and consequence. Enjoy being grounded.
  • Do not be worried, these are part of anybody's life. No parents will like there children being dis-obedient or doing things which they do not like. So you have done something which made them lose their trust on you. All you have to do is, inform your DAD that you have made the mistake and will not repeat again in the future and listen to what he says. Small things can become worst nighmares for future it not handled properly. Please have patience and gain your Dad's respect back. rest will fall into place. Accepting mistakes and a life of correction will take you a long way up the mountain of life.
  • Your gonna hate me, down rate if you feel it necessary, but here's my formula. (I was Famous for getting home late, and similar things; eg. I knew I would be grounded before I ever left the house) 1) Depending on how soon "soon" is forget about whatever it is you want to go to. If you focus on it, you'll either try too hard, or get an attitude. these will make it hard to change how you are thinking about the overall situation. 2) Talk to Dad, offer to make a contract with him I will do "x", "y", and help with "z",Be prepared to do what you say you'll do. (Remember you forgot about the somewhere you wanted to go.) 3)Find out what motivates the rule you violated. Maybe he is trying to keep you out of a situation he got into. 4) Spend some of your "grounded time" with him, (but not trying to Pi$$ him O## this will give him a bit more insight into how your mind works, and you might get to see more of how he makes his decisions. (I'm almost sure it's not all based on meanness and spite.) Good luck

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