• If there is, our new and improved local IRS offices should know how to do it. They are more easily contactable now by e-mail and fax and all nature of contact. Call first to see what is available.,,id=98343,00.html
  • Go to your employer.They have it on file.
  • If it were me, i would contact H&R Block, and any other tax preparation service in your town. They MUST have these things in a file... Also, many office supply places have a whole file cabinet full of forms; you can purchase a copy of for?. I have seen employment apps, rental agreements, DIY Wills, etc, in those files. They take it out, make a copy and sell it to you for a buck or ??
  • Hee Hee! This question was asked a YEAR ago, so I guess he got his copy in 60 days from IRS and whatever answer we have now wouldn't help him much. I'm curious as to why he needed the form in 48 hours.
  • You can use you will usually get it in 1-2 business days.
  • ok, so what if th employer is no longer around and I need a copy of the W-2 because I have yet to file past taxes.Were would I go to get the past W-2 if the employer is NOT an option?
  • Go to your local IRS office and request an earnings statement from whatever year you need.

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