• my psychic calls me and warns me, that way I know if it is safe to get up.
  • I have been to a psychic that was for real.He was channeling and would answer questions about individuals and knew nothing thing about their lives that would be impossible to know.He answered many things about my past that he could not have known.
  • NO I believe they are expensive and are not real.
  • everything i need to know about myself can be answered by me
  • I've been to three of them. They couldn't have been more wrong. It was all guess work. If they have to ask anything, they're fake, which all of them are.
  • I only trust one .. and thats my luck 8-Ball .. it never fails me .. lol .
  • A psychic, no..but I did go to an astologer that did a natal birth chart reading. It was very eerie to have someone describe my personality down to fine details after only giving her my birthdate and time of birth. She didnt specifically tell me future events but she described things about my personality that helped explained my feeling about past and present situations..AND prepare myself for the future.
  • I actually went to a tarot card reader years ago. She only charged me $5 for half an hour. She lived in a different state and had never met me or anyone I know. She told me my star sign, my son's star sign, and described in detail the relationship problems I was having at that time. It was pretty amazing. I have never gone back or seen any other kind of psychic. I did it on a whim, and as impressed as I may have been, I prefer to live my life using my own mind and gut instincts!
  • I have.. I sat there and listened to this women say things that were just too specific and detailed (and 100% accurate) about my deceased relatives to be coincidence. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems like the fake ones far outnumber the real ones -- but they are out there.
  • yeah my mother, also iam a psychic but its been out of whack for about a year now. i dont know why.
  • I never used to believe in these things, but my stance on that has changed over the last year for numerous reasons that can't be scientifically measured. Apart from distant family I have never met someone who said they were psychic. I am hoping to remedy that in the coming weeks.
  • I've paid twice, and both were a waste of money. However, just over a year ago I had a bizarre phone conversation with a member of the public while in work. Unprompted, the woman told me some very specific things, with times/rough dates which have all happened as and when she said they would. She had no time to 'get to know me' or anything about me. And I live with one, so in my experience they do exist, but unfortunately so do the charlatans.
  • I am a certified Spiritual Medium (Psychic) myself ... I have not done very much / many reading over the last few years due to person situations ... and issues . I have been to several good mediums who were very accurate ... The troube is that there are about 10 FAKES for every real medium / psychic so you need to be very careful and ger referals ... Also; a TRUE medium / Psychic will GIVE you information and not ask too many, if any, questions ...
    • Venus1485
      There are no real mediums or psychics.
  • sorry i dont believe in meduims or such things. but it is a good form of entertainment. and i hope you had a good time.
  • no, i dont go to psychics
  • no, i dont go to psychics
  • I once met a Gypsy woman while on a walk. She invited me to sit with her on her porch and told me she was a psychic. I could easily perceive that she was just a fraud who used cold readings. Na
  • No, I've seen a few Gypsies who claim they're psychics, but I don't waste time and money on such nonsense.

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