• Wow has it really been that long.......sigh.... I think my first was called Monster Rocks. 80's heavy metal groups.
  • Motley Crue - Theater of Pain Why? I have absolutely no idea.
  • Pet Shop Boys, Please.
  • gunners ..appetite for destruction, disraeli gears ..cream, dark side of the floyd, abbey road ...the beatles,sticky fingers ...rolling stones, led zeppellin 1, 2 and 3 and deep purple in rock ...deep purple ...all purchased 24years and 300 days ago .... had a "smoke" and let them rip with 200 watts rms per channel and 12" 4way base reflex speakers (4 towers)
  • Actually my first CD I got is kinda funny. The first one I received was not an actual music CD, but a data one, and I got it when I was 11. Lets just say that it had some things that I kept private :P.
  • My first two CDs were: John Tesh - Tour de France Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun, Revisited I bought them in... 1991, I think.
  • I got my first cd player in about 95 for Christmas and the only cd i got was nothing but Christmas music.
  • No kidding? Man! That makes me feel old.
  • Timberland and Magoo "luv 2 luv u".
  • R.E.M "out of time" Was given to me by my sister for my B-day. I never liked REM much!
  • Black Sabbath~We Sold Our Soul for Rock and Roll and Big Head Todd and the Monsters~Sister Sweetly It was in 1993
  • My dad got the soundtrack to the original Superman movie on CD back in the 80's. I forget what year that actually was, but definitely before I was five years old and I was born in '82. He might even have gotten it when the movie first came out in, what, '78? Either way, CD's were way before their time back then...
  • The very first CD I ever purchased was a Nana Mouskouri compilation. . . It was a gift for my father (to convince him to buy a CD player)...;-D... . I'm pretty sure the first CD I purchased for myself was Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms . . . . Speaking of CDs and CD players, I distinctly remember being in a stereo store (Rogersound Labs, for those who remember that LA-area chain) in 1983 and watching a man purchase a Sony CDP-101, the first publicly available CD player. The price was $999 (in 1983 dollars) but included 5 free CDs. . My how times have changed.
  • Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic and Metallica: Master of Puppets- I think.
  • When I was about 9 years old I used my Allowance money to buy Elvis's Golden Records.
  • I bought the Men In Black soundtrack album in 1997! It was the only CD I had for ages, so it got a really good workout. It cost all of my yearly allowance of $20 pocket money for that album..
  • dark side of the moon still have it but went through a house fire that melted the case -disc is a little warped but still plays - played it yesterday
  • Moody Blues - not sure why - but they were alot thicker then
  • My first ever CD was "Dirt" by Alice in Chains. I bought it with my allowance money in 1992.
  • My first CD was by Cusco - "Apurimac II" and I purchased it in 1996.
  • First CD I ever bought was the Soundtrack to "Singles" waaaay back in 1992. I still have it! And play it!
  • I can't possibly remember that. And: I knew people at Uni who had CD players in the early 80s. They're definitely more than 35 years old.
  • Since the CD was commercially released in 1982 in Japan and 1983 in the rest of the world, this question must be pretty darned old. Anyway, yes, I bought the Ghostbusters II Official Sound Track on CD before I even had a CD player. My parents used to let me use their sound system when I was a kid (my dad was an audiophile, so they always had really good equipment).
  • This is a really old question! I think I skipped the CD phase. I think my son gave me a CD and I didn't have a player to play it on so he gave me one of those, too. I'm more of a radio type person. Its free. history of the cd:,CDs%20had%20been%20sold%20worldwide.
  • An AOL installation disc.

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