• You have to have enough self confidence in order to make a relationship of that sort work. If you don't feel confident in yourself, and truly loved by your significant other, you'll always feel jealous.
  • I dont think so. It could be that you are idealizing the other person and putting them on a "pedestal". This will empower the other person, cause intense disappointment when they dont live up to your expectation and can cause an imbalnce of power in the relationship, because of the unworthiness you speak of, you may well become subservient to the other. It is important to maintain a good degree of self worth, love for yourself, and respect for who you are as a person.
  • Sounds to me like that person would have an inferiority complex. I matter how great a person is, they are still just a human like everyone else. As far as the relationships lasting, no. It would mean the person would get jealous all the time. And envious. Etc, Etc, Etc. All kinds of issues and problems would be present.
  • i would probably recommend talking to the other person. self esteem definitely comes into play here. it may be 'normal' to feel somewhat intimidated but, insignificant and completely unworthy seem a bit rash to me. normal is a word i don't really like to use since everyone is so different but i wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that a friend of mine felt like that. sounds like said person could use a good ol' pep talk so that he/she know how great they are!
  • I don't think so. For it to function properly that person (or the couple) have to work through it. The person feeling intimidated most probably has low-self steem issues. If it's a very loving relationship it would be all the better for the other person to help his/her partner by providing reassurance. I guess the degree of "normality" depends on how self-consciouss that person feels and how much affects not only the relationship but that person's general well-being. Once the terms "insignificant" and "completely unworthy" come into play, I would say there's a serious problem.
  • If one of a couple feels intimidated by another it is going to make things very tense and difficult. This needs to be talked about and worked through. By its nature a relationship needs to be a partnership of equals. If one partner feels very inferior then it is going to be a very unequal partnership. No I do not think to feel unworthy is normal. That person has chosen to be with you, that must say quite a lot about you. They think you are worthy. That is a great starting point to build your self belief apon.
  • The relationship can never last. Even relationships where both parties feel equal, secure, and confident usually don't last, and rarely last without serious effort on both sides. A relationship where one person effectively idolizes or worships the other as a god or goddess stands no chance at all, for many many reasons. First, there is the fact that the person who feels intimidated must be insecure and of low self-esteem - and that's a turn off to everyone, especially with the jealousy that comes with it inevitably. Second, if you keep letting your partner know, verbally or nonverbally, that you think you're not "worthy" of them, eventually they'll come to agree with you on that. Third, and perhaps most damning, it's a hell of a lot of pressure to deal with if your partner puts you on a pedestal. We're human beings - no one can live up to the imagination and expectations of someone else that feels that they're not insignificant and unworthy next to us, except perhaps if you have a god complex and love to be worshipped. Some people think they would like this, and quickly find that they'd rather leave the burden of being the perfect god being to, well, to any perfect god being or beings they believe in!
  • I think it could last - love overpowers any feelings of envy or jealousy. I would just ride the wave as long as I could - hoping that as time grew, the other person would start to recognize how dedicated to them I was - and that would make the relationship stronger yet.

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