• It all has to do with attitude. Many people who are in sort of a slump will tend to exaggerate all the bad things that go on around them that they drown out any possible good that happens. I agree with you Rosie G. I'm thinking of going to a sumptuous buffet right about now.
  • I have to agree. It's one thing to have different perceptions on things, after all not everyone thinks alike, of course. If that way of looking at things is consistent, that person is projecting his/her inner negativity or pessimism.
  • I agree. Pessimists usually have a bad mood, so they point out things that they think are bad but are not. They cause others to think things are bad.
  • i agree wholeheartedly. being negative/in a bad mood often times is a conscious choice a person makes. its just as easy to decide to be a positive person.
  • Totally agree. I think about my FIL (who is now deceased but was a very nice man) who had a a negativity problem. When we would say we were going on vacation somewhere he'd say, "Haven't you been there once before? It probably won't be as good as you remember!" And then he'd ask us when we get back about it and weren't we disappointed. I never could understand how a person could always be thinking of the bad and sour parts of life. I felt so sorry for him. He was very generous, good life, the sweetest wife on the planet, great kids, (a wonderful DIL if I do say so), but he just oozed negative vibes. It was rare to see him look happy with a genuine smile:-(
  • I have to agree 1 million percent :)
  • i agree 100%
  • I agree. The classical test of the pessimist / optimist ... a glass with exactly half its volume of water may be seen pessimistically as half empty, optimistically as half full, or analytically as a container with "x" amount of water. Constantly seeing only the "emptiness" is a sign of negative dominance and pessimism.
  • I do agree. If everything around YOU is negative, and turns out negatively, but not for everyone else- what's the common denominator? You! So change you, and everything else around you will change. I can say this because I know that right now, I'm negative, and so I see everything as negative. It's something I'm working on, but I do see it. Therefore it's easy for me to spot and point out.
  • Good point. It reminds me of a story. Uncle Ferd used to sleep very soundly and snore loudly. One day, his nieces and nephews decided to play and joke on him while he was sleeping and rubbed Limburger cheese all over his beard. The smell awakened him and he started sniffing around the room but could not find the source. He sniffed around the house, but the smell remained consistent. Desperate for relief, he ran outside, but to his dismay, the odor remained until he shouted, "The WHOLE WORLD STINKS!" Ferd was experiencing the world through his own paradigm.
  • If none exist I'll have to agree 100%......M.C.S.
  • I absolutely agree.
  • Agree. Some people can even turn a positive into a negative, like if you get some flowers from a special someone and your sister asks, 'What did he do?' I call it looking through the world with grey glasses on.
  • Agree. Lots of times folks find negatives when it's neither + or - ... It just is.
  • I would agree
  • Yes. I agree completely. I once had a 'friend' who complained about so many of his friends/ex friends and when I got to know them, I found out they are actually really nice. He was complaining about them because they didn't want to be his friend anymore and they would tell them that. I ended up asking him something along the lines of, "Doesn't that tell you something?" He is definitely the problem, but no. He thinks everyone else is. It's a good thing we're not friends anymore.
  • that sounds right to me

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