• Yep. Ended up marrying the girl.
  • Yes, I disagree with people quite often, it's all in the way you handle your disagreement. When someone says something that I disagree with, so be it! Unless they are being intentionally mean.
  • Disagreement adds spice to life! Heated argument is futile but friendship out of disagreement is sweet!
  • Yeah, and I think you know who I'm referring to. Politically we couldn't be more opposite but when you boil it down to basic values, it's odd to find out that we have a lot in common which just brings to light that there are many facets of the individual which need to be considered when someone is judged. First of all I am not a redneck but why do I laugh my ass off when Larry the cable guy comes on TV all the time and I know all about 'Er and how 'er should be gotten done. There are many dimensions of personality and clearly we will not all click and we may be really upset at many of our friends because they vary on key points from us yet deep down there are key points which we resonate upon and we form a camaraderie based upon key bonding issues and we learn to accept the differences in others and cherish their friendship in the long run because over all we share key values that keep us together. Wherein, we may disagree upon a whole lot of things; deep down in the core, there is a resonance of agreement which transcends bounds and an understanding has been reached.
  • Yes, there is many people that I disagree with and still consider a friend.. on AB and in the "real world." If that wasn't true I would call them fake.
  • You're so sweet, unit. And you know, I honestly can't remember what we used to argue about! It doesn't matter to me now, because you're my friend, and I dearly love you. I'm just grateful that we were both open minded enough to not completely shut out the idea of being friends, even though we didn't get off to the best start. Regardless if we always see eye to eye, I'll respect and value your opinion.
  • hmmmmmm...not really......i am one of those for whom if its nice and warm initially it blossoms into awonderful and great relationship later....and if not its really hard to mend ways. i believe its amazing to have your perspective
  • I've been there. And if I couldn't accept someone as a friend because I didn't agree with them about everything, I wouldn't have any friends at all.
  • The friend that I see most frequently in real life and I disagree on quite a few things and our different points of view lead to stimulating conversation. In fact I think we both exaggerate our views to each other on occasion just to pep up conversations. I'm sure the same thing happens on Answerbag. It doesn't matter that I express one point of view and somebody else expresses the opposite one, provided we are both honest and civil. How boring would any relationship be if both parties always had the exact same set of opinions.
  • Well, that all depends on the topic of the disagreement. Some topics so deeply define a person's character that there is no way I could become friends with them. It's like saying Hannibal Lecter is a great guy, I just don't like his menu choices.
  • Yes many times. I think you have to be pretty shallow if you are unwilling or unable to see past a disagreement to the actual person involved. Good for you Coyboys22.
  • The one thing I like about this forum, is you can disagree wth one another, have very heated comments back and forth that may or may not include a few bad names-and you don't get trolled (usually). I credit the professionalism and age of the AB users, and it has been a pleasure to be here.
  • i don't have any friends in real life or on AB, to me friend only applies to my husband, no one else has that distinction in my world. this is not ideal i realize but it just happens to be the way it is. i try not to let disagreements fester into battles. i will let the other person think they have triumphed over me because in the end, nothing i say matters.
  • Yes. I met an atheist in Texas while serving an LDS mission. It was kind of refreshing, even though our view on God and Jesus could not be further apart. In a place where everyone believes in the Bible by default, someone who sticks to their beliefs, however wrong, is still refreshing.
  • Yes, but not necessarily on AB.

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