• As you are about to retirement age anyway, settle for enough to allow you to retire at the level you would have had you been able to keep working until 65 and whatever medical expense might still occur as a result of the injury.
  • If you can settle for an index linked monthly payment that gives you a decent standard of living I would say go go for it. Mt pension has been index linked since 1999 and I have as good a lifestyle as I would have if I had earned the full pension. It's really important that your income doesn't remain at present-day values.
  • Your only 61 years young I certainly wouldn't settle, get yourself a lawyer and fight them, of course they want you to settle, if they want to settle with you for a half million I'd go for it but if they didn't get yourself a lawyer they will get maybe more than a half million.Don't let Worker's Comp run your life,you run them,It's your money that keep's them going.. and they hate to be told off too...I'd talk to a lawyer and he will tell you all about it and will go after the highest amount they can get ,Remember a percent goes to the lawyer and the more he gets for you the more he's going to get,so chat with your lawyer first....Just been through all this with my daughter,She won her case by having a lawyer,and 5 years back as well.
  • Never ever give up your future medical. Especially with a back injury. Now, obviously I don't know your case, but many times attorneys and work comp examiners just want a claim closed for the purpose of being rid of the claim. Since your claim settled, this attorney has already been paid, so there are some red flags, but speak with your attorney first. As an examiner for 16 years, I would never suggest anyone settling their future med on a back injury.
  • ask your lawyer about it

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