• If she has not eaten for 3 days she is not "perfectly healthy" poor thing, take her to a vet.
  • How can you allow your animal to go without food for 3 days without taking her to a vet. You're supposed to be her caregiver. Get off the internet and take care of your dog.
  • Is it possible that this is an adjustment in the doggie's eating habits as boredom with, or distaste for, his or her food? When dogs stop or slow down their growing, they process their food differently. It's not unusual for an animal to require about half as much food per meal as she did when he/she was growing more rapidly. If you give your little doggie free access to it's food you might not notice this change, but if you feed it on a schedule, you probably will.
  • When my dog acted this way, it was because she was getting into the neighbor's trash. Do you let her run loose? Better do something fast, he'll be calling Animal Control if he hasn't already.
  • It could be the heat.. Sometimes when it gets hot outside their appetite drops a little. If she is eating but just isn't eating as much as usual it is probably just the heat. But if you notice any attitude changes or she starts loosing weight then don't hesitate to get her to the vet. Also if she has any diarrhea or is vommiting or has a temp, I suggest taking her in to let the vet look at her.
  • maybe you should take her to the vet and they'll let you know whats wrong

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