• WHY ARE YOU SO MAD!!ITs either a parental consent form , are you both of age? not sure why hed have you take it to the catholic church unless you were married before and havent enulled a previous marriage
  • Are you both of legal age? Has one of you been previously married?
  • We are nice really :-) Caps was a mistake, but hey, we all make them. Welcome to AB. That said, I don't know the answer to your question, but I bet the chaplin who gave you the form does, why not just ask him ? :-)
  • I am Roman Catholic, I really do not know why the Chaplin would have given a form to sign unless it is for your son to take some classes or to say that he is not married, or to agree that any children of the marriage would be brought up as Catholics. This would only be required if they were to be married in the Catholic Church. There is no reason whatsoever that the Church would require parents to sign a form of a person that has gained their majority. I can only think this is something to do with the Air Force and not the Church. I wish you knew exactly what this form is and I may be able to help you a little more. Welcome to the Bag.:)
  • I am so not use this site or how exactly to respond to one person. But to Firebrand, my son is 20 yrs old, will be 21 in about 3 months, she is 21 yrs old. Neither practice their faith, and are only being married in the chapel on base due to her parents not being able to take off during the week for a justice court judge. Neither of them are asking the other to convert from their personal religion. This is what brought me to asking questions of why he, being of Baptist faith, would have to take a form to the Catholic church. I supposedly have to sign it saying that he has never been married before, but I then have to take it to the Catholic church to sign. He just received the form a couple of days ago so I have not received it in the mail yet. I was just hoping that someone could give me an answer as to why he would have to have a form signed by a Catholic church. Thank you for responding.

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