• I'm not an atheist and I am tired of them. I answered one and then saw the flood. No thanks, one was enough.
  • Since that barrage of questions were all attempts to rationalize one person's bigoted opinion of atheists, and not to enlighten or connect, I am sick of it, yes. Had those questions been genuine attempts to understand another point of view I'd feel differently. I don't think the person even read any of the answers, and certainly didn't bother responding to them.
  • You are not alone all of us puppets support you in this.
  • Yes. Chosen was making quite a mess of AB with all of his loaded questions. Jeeeez!
  • Oh my yes, I'm so very tired of the /Chosen/ people exposing how I'm a Devil Worshipper. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. D: Now I just need to switch to a new religion and try to lead people of the straight and nobel path, and... No, really, I can't presist, the loaded, sick questions that often don't even make sense make me sick... but it's funny. Dark humor, I guess.
  • If Atheists are tired of them it is probably because they haven't really been fascinating and insightful questions. A good question will be good, regardless of subject matter.
  • I don't know about the atheists, but I am. They aren't just questions, there an attack, there rude, demeaning, tasteless, degradeing and not worth the space to answer. I've always found people on AB have always managed to get along regardless of what faith we are or aren't. I want it to stay that way. :)
  • I'm not sure if I am an Athiest, but if today's nonsense is an example of Christianity, I know I am not Christian.
  • I'm a Christian. But I will say that there are those so-called christians who make true christians look bad, and really do a disservice to the faith..
  • Belittling in any fashion or form makes me irritated , So many uncalled for questions to me is enough truly enough Hi there Jodie + 5
  • I don't know about the Atheists, but I have passed beyong annoyance to amusement. Maybe it's a "laugh so you don't cry" thing....
  • it's just you.
  • Yeah! about that....still waiting for the "fascinating and insightful" questions about atheist! Bashing is sooo much easier....I guess.
  • I'm enjoying it...but then again, I'm not an atheist.
  • Bashing of any kind is such a show of low grade mentality! It takes a truly pathetic soul to go to all of the trouble it takes to think, and then waste it on an insult, or denigration! Why do they even bother? What in the hell do they get out of it!
  • Hummmm...I see what you mean, sounds like a real "nut job" Jodie. This may be a stupid question, but what is your "faith" of are you like me?
  • It's just you. Otherwise I would not have answered this very question...
  • I'm an athiest and from time to time i get the same old redundant, repetitive, and sometimes rediculous questions. But it doesnt really bother me, i find it kinda funny. my favorite question that ive been asked a few times is: "What happenes if you say something like the phrase 'for the love of god' or 'oh my god'or even 'i swear to god'?" Its like they think my lips will burn if i mention "god" or something just because i dont believe in him. I find it kinda funny.
  • Yes! But then on the other hand, if we DON"T give them the right info, then they will continue to believe the garbage that they HAVE heard stuff that is untrue! I would rather tell them that I am very patriotic, and support the troops, rather than have them think that I am not, and that I don't! Do YOU want people to think that we really eat babies, when we are bored? Well, there are people ignorant enough to believe that is true! Especially Fundies! So, although it is a pain the ass, we need to keep answering their dumb questions, but I don't see any reason NOT to tell them though, to keep their insight?, to themselves!!!
  • Bored. Pure and simply bored

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