• First, I would suggest asking to take a paternity test. I mean, for 11 years she has probably been looking for the father. If he is found to be the father, I think the best thing he can do is pay the child support. Support is usually by how much money he makes and they take it out of his pay check. You will probably have to go to a hearing to make arrangements on how to pay child support. Just because he did not know for 11 years, if it is his, doesn't mean that he is off the hook. At least now he can start to support his child, again if it really is his.
  • Make sure he is the father, before doing anything. Does your husband know this woman? You will need an attorney.
  • First off, follow everybody else's advice and get a paternity test. If you are sure your husband is the father then the child is entitled to child support until the childs 18th birthday. If your husband is the father you may want to work out a child support arrangement directly with the mother. If the court orders child support you will have little say in how much you pay. On the other hand, if you have a voluntary agreement for child support, then you can potentially pay less then what a court would order. In addition, a voluntary arrangement could give you an advantage if the mother ever sues for backpay. For example, if you voluntarily pay child support from today until the child is 17, and the mother then sues you for back child support, most jurisdictions would not award any backpay for those six years. This is true even if the court would have ordered a higher child support payment had the mother sued today for child support. But the short answer is yes, your husband will have to pay child support.
  • Ya if he is the father, you are probably screwed, welcome to the mens rights crisis, and if it's been 11 years be prepared for the courts to ask for reimbursement for the past 11 years too, this is one of the worst situations anybody can go through, I feel for him, and on top of it all don't be surprised if he never gets to see the child
  • A DNA paternity test is the first step. If this determines that he is the child's father, he will be required to pay child support. At this stage, it would be most helpful to have an attorney. Child support is different in each state, but usually is determined based on your husband's ability to earn, not what he actually earns. Also, if your husband desires to have a relationship with the child, he will need to ask for a visitation schedule. He cannot be denied visitation whether he pays child support or not.
  • once it is determined that he is the father yes she can in most states in the US. It sucks but there is it.
  • Stump up for a DNA test to determine paternity before you do anything else at all.
  • you need to tell your husband to wear a condom
  • I assume by now you've been hit with the retroactive support. To learn his other rights, go to Dads House in Yahoo Groups. When you join, you’ll receive a link to an educational manual that will teach you what you need to know. Take the time to learn what you can and should do.
  • Get a DNA/Paternity test. If he is the father, he will have to pay support.

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