• We used to go camping a lot. The foraging and fishing plus the time with cousins in summer was always fun. We had a cabin in the high country that was our "base camp", and we'd wander out from there. The grandparents cared and provided for us all for the times that we were with them in the mountains. 2/19/24
  • I have been camping many times. I enjoy the solitude and the night sky seeing so many stars it is not dark but a blue/white haze over the world. Especially nice at altitudes above 9000 feet above sea level.
  • I enjoyed just about all of it except for using the latrine, setting up camp and breaking camp. Also not too thrilled with carrying a heavy backpack a long distance, and not happy if plagued by mosquitoes. But apart from the few (occasional) negatives: even the chores (like washing dishes) is more fun when camping. Love the "open air". Love sleeping in "the woods", with pleasant insect noises (e.g. crickets) to help you sleep. Love the trees and the birds and the fresh water (if you're lucky enough to camp in a place where the natural spring or stream or whatever is safe to drink). Love the early-to-rise and early-to-bed. Fire flies. Campfire. Snug sleeping bag - in a snug tent, if insects or weather make it necessary; otherwise, out in the open. Hiking through the woods, seeing things - same kind of tree, but a different tree, same kind of place, but a different place - things that, individually, you've never seen before. Climbing trees (when I was younger and skinny). Climbing rocks (if there are nice big but not-too-big rocks to climb).
  • Being close to the sights,sounds and smells of nature. I am currently living for the winter in a bamboo double Tipi and loving how my body adapts to the elements. (It was 20 deg fareinhiet last night) I do have use of indoor kitchen and bathroom.

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