• Every three months will shave my head clean. Doctor didn't say anything about it with me. Some doctors I guess are much different.
  • Since birth, but it gets shortened every once in awhile.
  • Some people have been growing hair even before birth.
    • Linda Joy
      Some are born with teeth, too! Yikes!
  • all my life, my parents would make me and my sister cut it when we were kids all the time and when i grew up i had only cut it one time and that was cause i had lice all over it
    • Linda Joy
      How long is it? Did you miss it after you cut it?
    • pearllederman
      kind of
    • Ice man
      I might be wrong but ... I don't think Linda was asking about your pubic fuzz.
    • Linda Joy
      2 and a quarter inches is not fuzz!
    • Ice man
      The 2 and a quarter inches is his dick, not the fuzz around it. : )
    • Linda Joy
      Why would you know that? !
    • Ice man
      He sends out 8x10 glossies of his "works" to all his friends. Haven't you received yours yet ?
  • I am seriously considering a very short haircut. I sure don't like the one I've got. Nor do I like the color. Time to get rid of it all and start over me thinks.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my! What might your S.O. think?
  • About 23 hours. I had it cut yesterday
  • I think it starts before you are born in the womb, and continues a little bit after death.
    • Linda Joy
      that's one of the four things I can think of off the top of my head that continue to grow throughout our lives
    • Linda Joy
      Ducky (the medical examiner on NCIS) said the nails and hair don't grow after death it just appears that way because the skin shrinks.
  • Long time now. I got out of the army in the 70's and stopped getting haircuts. I didn't get a haircut again until I had an accident in the early 2000s
  • Years ago, I had a ponytail. Now, I am bald.
  • which one?
  • 50 centimetres :D. I can't think of anything, but asking where your going on holiday while checking your rectum was weird.
    • Linda Joy
  • I cut my ponytail off years ago.
  • I've been growing my hair since before birth and still have some of it left after 84 years.

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