• I have a bottle of muscle relaxers called Flexeril. If you lived nearby, I would give you some.
  • I have the same problem sometimes, I find the best way to do it is just to have a friend massage the neck (sounds weird, but it doesn't take much experience) takes about 2 minutes and I feel better.
  • had that once... ice or a heating pad will do it. or go to the chiropractor.
  • massage the kneck and move it around. This will be painful but it should work.
  • Try a hot compress that has been soaked in Epsom salt water. This pulls soreness out.
  • what you need is a hot bath with radox in it a sponge and about half an hour to yourself! have an early night and go to bed with a video or watch some tv chill out and relax
  • make sure to only massage your neck a little at a time; stretch only small amounts at a time so as not to injure that muscle; apply warm moist heat as often as possible and try some type of NSAID or ibuprofen for pain/inflammation; like: aleve or motrin or's still gonna take a few days to get back to normal...and if not~follow up with your doctor :)

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