• Disapprove him
  • This is a ridiculous scenario. If they want money they print more and increase inflation, or raise taxes like they always do. Besides that libraries are where people with no internet use the internet. And "Public libraries are paid for by their community in order to create services for said community." So it wouldn't even work. Not to mention the fact that Joe Biden can't make laws by himself. It would be a good idea for you to research these things so you don't look foolish posting ridiculous scenarios. And even in your fake world I would not support it.
  • Well...except for national libraries, all he could do is WANT that. Most libraries are locally owned and funded. Basically, you're asking: "What if Biden wanted states and cities to shut down some of their local public programs and give the Federal Government the money (that is in the possession of those local governments) that is no longer used to fund those programs? *** It's sort of a ridiculous question, and if Biden DID want to do that, all he could do is keep wanting.
  • Disapprove and he would never do that.
  • Disapprove.
  • Definitely disapprove of that! 10/30/22

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