• cockroahes are one of the spieces most likely to survive a nuclear war they have probably been there for a long time . I've told you how to get away from them many times .
    • Army Veteran
      That's a myth. According to the Terminex website, while cockroaches can withstand 10 times more radiation than a person, they would not survive a nuclear event. Just to put things into perspective, "10 times" doesn't come close to the amount of radiation in a nuclear explosion.
    • 11stevo73
      Was it thought to be true 40 years ago when I went to school or was it allways BS?
  • Living in an apartment is difficult when you have neighbors who bring in pests as fast as you're trying to get rid of them. It's even worse when you have a landlord who just doesn't care (I've seen only one landlord who cared about the property and fixed what needed fixing as soon as possible - and she was an old lady who eventually died. The property was left to her son, who ran it into the ground. God, I miss her...). The best remedy I've found is pest control bombs made by Raid that can be found at Walmart. I set a couple off in my apartment and left for the day, letting them do their work. Afterward, I never saw a single pest for close to a year. I didn't have roaches (although I did see one on occasion) - my problem was spiders and centipedes (shudder...I hate centipedes). Follow the directions carefully and it should help. Here's what the package looks like:
  • cocroaches will come in ya home nightly, ya cant keep them out unless you have real air tight windows and doors .. its great they are dying it means the stuff is working the place out yearly

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