• Obunga tried, but he forgot the capitalism part. Now Biden is trying to secede him and carry on his policies. It's a hoot any of the demwit candidates think they have a chance against Trump. :P
    • Charin Cross
      Obama is Biden's puppeteer, ever since Biden miraculously won the DNC Presidential nomination. And you're right about Trump. Capitalism made America a superpower. it never would have happened with socialism. you can't trust the gov't to do anything right or efficient.
  • Yes, often. Since moving from small clans of people to large systems of people some socialism must exist. Agreeing to traffic laws for one and building roads and hospitals, etc. But it is absolutely wrong to force taxpayers to pay for murdering babies because the parents were too lazy and self centered to think about anyone but themselves when they made the baby! In a situation like that you should kill the parents not the baby!! It was the parents' faults! Not the baby's!
  • not sure
  • Well, technically, socialism is the ownership of manufacturing facilities by the government, and capitalism is the ownership of manufacturing facilities by private individuals, so the two systems are, by dictionary definitions, exclusive of each other. Colloquially, though, what the republicans are calling socialism, pejoratively, is any government institution that dispenses tax dollars back to the people in any way that they don't see as necessarily a role of government, and capitalism is what the democrats call any accumulation of cash that isn't in the hands of the government. Both of those views are technically wrong, as well as subjective and superficial. But whatever... to answer your last question, the US economy is based on capitalism, since, given an arbitrary amount of money, any US citizen can start up a factory and do with the factory as they wish.
    • Linda Joy
      "so the two systems are, by dictionary definitions, exclusive of each other." Not if the government ownes some manufacturing facilities and some are owned by the private sector.
    • Linda Joy
      The criminal education system, umm... I mean the prison system is one example!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      True, and furthermore, I suppose that the government could own a partial stake in a public corporation that owns a factory. In the USA, there actually are some factories run by the Tennessee Valley Authority, which is owned by the federal government, along with the prison system you mentioned (although prison isn't really supposed to be an industry, which is a good topic for another discussion), transportation business (Amtrack), and tons of banks and banking-related businesses (but perplexingly, not the Federal Reserve - see

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