• Inflammation occurs 24-48 hours after strenuous exercise as the body's immune responses work to repair damaged muscles. In any event, if you feel unusual pain during exercise, stop immediately.
  • cause youre lifting sornething heavy
  • That's what happens when the going get's tough.
    • Linda Joy
      lol and here I thought you'd be a wealth of info on the subject! Hahahaha! You're right, though! If you want the benefits you gotta suck up the little pains and do the work! But if done properly exercise shouldn't cause excessive pain and when it does there's usually something wrong.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Here you thought I'd be a wealth of information? I'll take that as a compliment. I am glad to know a lot is expected from me. Quote: "But if done properly exercise shouldn't cause excessive pain" The type of good pain is the burning muscle pain you experience while performing a physical activity such as weightlifting. In terms of intensity: the harder you work, the more you progress.
  • Mushroom is right. When you exercise you actually tear the muscle. The body then works to repair it. That's why in Nautilus you exercise one muscle group one day and a different group the next so the first can repair. Of course its possible you don't have good form while lifting and its damaging a particular muscle group or you may be lifting too heavy of weight too soon. Have you asked the instructors at the gym? Are you taking in enough protein? Protein is needed to build muscle tissue and potassium deficiency can cause cramps. Are you hydrating? Is it muscle aches, cramps/spasms or sharp pains and where are they located? Do you have a family physician? They're not usually helpful with weightlifting tips but they are usually good at finding out if something is wrong, and some don't charge for a phone call with a question. Of course they're usually going to want to see you. Have you asked the instructors at the gym how soon to increase weights and how much to go up and when? You can find it online, too. Just google reps vs weights. The nutrition info can be found online as well. Jenny Rizzo is a fitness enthusiast, she can probably help you with the more modern info.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Quote: "Mushroom is right. When you exercise you actually tear the muscle." To share my fitness expertise: you mean, you actually "strain" a muscle which is common. If exercise lead to muscle tears as you and Mushroom suggest, everybody who exercises would be in need of surgery. The difference here, surgery is necessary to repair a muscle that's torn as opposed to one that is strained.
    • bostjan64
      Jenny Rizzo, muscle strain and muscle tear are essentially synonymous. The only time surgery is required is when the muscle mass is torn all the way across.
  • Ever experience a sharp pain in your elbow while doing bicep curls? This could be indicative of a few different issues, but the most common is lateral epicondylitis, or
  • muscles ripping and tearing
  • Muscles break down a little after a good workout and rebuild stronger over and over. It is suggested that you rest in between intense workouts to let the muscle rebuild.

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