• Elizabeth Pennsylvania and Clairton Pennsylvania is where the most pollution comes up the Monongahela River
  • You mention that it comes UP from the Monongahela River. Do you mean: that it flows upstream - for example: starting from Pittsburgh and then flowing upriver? The problem - I would suppose - is that the river is in a valley (naturally), and the air pollution is likely to sort of remain concentrated in that valley as the air pushes it upriver. Probably the pollution ABOVE the river valley is being dispersed by the wind, but the pollution IN the river valley remains concentrated, much the same as it was at the source. Of course, you should only have this problem when the wind is in the direction that pushes the pollution upriver...which might be the prevailing wind direction. In other words: that might be the typical situation.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes, it flows upriver by Wind/ Air
  • Ever been near the cattle processing plants just west of Amarillo? How about on I-80 on the west side of Salt Lake City? Now, THERE is pollution to complain about. The air quality in those places defines "putrid".
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment
  • Wind patterns are the culprit. We have been choking on smoke from the CA wildfires here in the great basin off and on for weeks. At 1 point, the news showed the statue of liberty surrounded by smoke from western wildfires.

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