• Unless the father of the Child makes some agreement to demand that you live near him so the Child can see him than your in good shape to go but he could demand you live near him to continue paying child support...I knew this girl who had to live within 500 miles of her her daughters father or the law would step in but I would contact a Lawyer or Attorney they would know what's best things to do or contact a Legal Aid Attorney to see what they can do to help you before you move, he may go to Court and demand that you live near him so he can see your daughter and have visitiation rights ...My advice before you do anything contact a Attorney or Legal Aid Attorney so they can help you the laws can change from time to time and also depends on what States your moving too
  • When either parent pays child support and has visitation without court rights things could change .the court could say well he is paying child support so your forced to live near him ..Some agreement will most likely need to be made ..He could do anything and even get himself a Attorney
  • What does your daughter want? Does the father come to visit every other weekend? Would it be a hardship on the father to visit after you move?

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