• Give that man a cigar.
  • Imagine what a kook you would seem trying to warn the FBI and the media about 9/11? How about the Titanic sinking? The 1st century Vesuvius eruption? The plagues on ancient Egypt (well, you see how that turned out)? For the most part, people will fall into the selfish trap, even if they've started out with an altruistic motive and if such an attempt had already happened, where can we see the results? I'll go with the philosophy that all such attempts will be thwarted or otherwise self-correct.
  • Try to stop them.
  • I've seen this type of question so many times by the intellectually challenged. [] "I think the problem we have today is most Americans (all people, actually) have a difficult time accepting the past because we read into the past the prejudices of the present. The moment you do that, you're not dealing with history." - Ed Smith, Professor American University [] You can't kill someone based on what they might do in the future - in 1889 Hitler was a small child and hadn't done anything he has since been accused of. What you're proposing is pre-meditated murder. Ever hear of "innocent until proven guilty"?

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