• the ones that rnurder others
  • Everyone! There are none among us who is without sin, no, not one! We all have evil thoughts and according to the sermon on the mount (found in Matthew 5 as well as the other gospels) it is sin to even think it. If we talk biblically all sin is the same in God's eyes, and He is no respecter of persons.
  • The ones that reflect our own shadow.
  • The evil people in society are criminals, psychos, religious bullies and control freaks.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, like the atheists who try to shove atheism down your throat and turn EVERY question into an opportunity to preach atheism!
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I don’t force my atheism on anyone so you have the wrong idea. I know how to allow for head space. Religious bullies are intimidating to be around with because they like forcing their views on others expecting people around them to believe what they believe in. That’s called being a mind control freak
  • Why do you wish to look for evil and dwell on it? Why not look for the good in the world and celebrate that? I can tell you from personal experience if you do, you will be MUCH happier.
  • There are many of them out there, and you might be interacting with evil people regularly.
  • Terrorists that react in the name of religion.
  • Murderers, dictators and those who bully both physically and psychologically.
  • Majority of American politicians every time I see one of those things speak they are talking about bombing country's and killing people.
  • Anyone whose human for only humans can and are capable of committing evil. Even God created evil for you are also in his image. " I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."...Isaiah 45:7
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thumbs for a good answer. God did create evil, being the devil. That's so humans can decide whether to stand for good or evil.

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