• The toilet cleaning product called 2000 flushes claims to last for about 4 months. Well, if you take 4x30 days a month it comes to 120 days. Then if you divide the 2000 flushes by the 120 days ... it comes to 16.66666666 flushes per day. Now .... do you flush your toilet that many times a day ?
  • i dont count it
  • This product I didn't try yet. Thinking on this I flush most times under that amount. Maybe last longer one person using it.
    • Ice man
      I know what you're saying, and I thought that too. I know first hand that if no women spend any serious time at my house ... the toilet paper lasts a lot longer, but this 2000 Flushes is a bust !
  • it wouldn't be unreasonable for a family of four... or one unsupervised 2 y.o. lol it's that .66th flush that's tricky to execute!
    • Ice man
      I think that .66 is supposed to represent those times the flapper dosen't close and the toilet runs on for five minutes before you have to take the lid off and close it manually. But I could be wrong ....I was once before.
  • Depends on how many beers I drink.
    • Ice man
      When I drink beer outside, in the yard, I become water conservation conscious ... and piss behind the neighbor's house. : )
    • Azlotto
      LMAO!...Never thought of that.

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