• if you felt it was the right thing to do then you did the right thing. if that was me i would have ignored it because im not the type of person to confront someone unless they obviously do something to me. there are some crazy people out there and you never know what they might do.
  • No. Its a form of stealing that some parents get away with because the child is the recipient, and they think this somehow exonerates them. I see it happen quite frequently, but they seem to get away with it
  • No way! Stealing is wrong, period! I would have said something too, and probably quite loudly.
  • I think it was wise. If you had seen this person do it more than once I would even have confronted management.
  • Good for you! I would have done the same thing... otherwise that parent is teaching the kid entitlement... bah.
  • you did the right thing you should of reported her
  • Nowadays, that could have been dangerous. But, I would have told the manager and pointed her out. Of course, unless he sees it, he can't do anything. Now, if I was the manager, and you told me, I would get the box, wait til she checked out, and put the box down on the conveyor belt as she was fixin' to pay!
  • Hell NO! It's not only shoplifting and theft, it teaches the child that this kind of behavior is ok and exceptable! I think the manager should have been contacted, and this person set straight before the next generation ends up teaching the same bad lesson!
  • I would have confronted them.
  • You did the right thing - people are getting more and more brazen and those of us that don't steal, are paying their way. Thanks for confronting her!
  • Materialistic Things dont matter. I reccommend not confronting the person but just take the box to the management and tell them what you saw and leave it at that.Due to biological health issues of selling the open box.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Bullshit. Thieves get busted on the spot. What the hell's wrong with you? I'd tell the cops you AIDED AND ABETTED! How you like that? You'd get busted for helping her! HA!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No wonder the world sucks so bad, people are pussies!!
  • You did the right thing. That parent is teaching the child that stealing is OK, and it is not.
  • You're brave, I wouldn't of had the guts to confront them, but yes, you did the right thing.
  • I think more people should be confronted when they are caught doing something wrong. But, do need to be careful. Brokedog & staffie are right, there are a lot of crazy people out there. If they are brazen enough to steal right in front of their child, they could be up to anything.
  • You should have ratted on her to store security AND the cops. Do you want to buy a package of food that's been opened? (AND stolen from?). I hate people like that! Not too long ago I saw a woman have her toddler go on my property and steal something. For chrissake!!! If I could have got out there fast enough, that poor child would have been crying because I'd have been telling her shes going to JAIL. And the mother would definitely have been going to JAIL. You don't STEAL FROM ME!!!!! And you certainly don't teach your child to!!!!
  • i wouldve just told the manager and let them deal with it
  • No way! You're my hero

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