• no, mine never did that, my parents werent affectionate either, they didnt do stuff like hug us etc. to this day i never had a boyfriend, got married or had kids cause of it
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry to hear that. Mine didn't either, but I think it had the opposite effect on me.
    • Roaring
      As far as affection we got hugged and kissed by mom. Once a year we would see mom and dad kiss on Christmas Day. Otherwise their affection was Dad stirring up Mom around political figures, then watching the effect in Mom.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      that's cruel
  • My mom loved, loved, loved to sing. In church and at home. Singing specifically to us yes, on occasion. Some of her favorites or some childhood songs she learned. Thanks Mom!
    • Linda Joy
      Do you sing?
    • Roaring
      Yes but not active for a while. Was the sole baritone. The 1st soprano would ocassionally turn around in practice and give me a look when my pitch would drift down.
  • If she did I don't remember it. There was much strife in our home between my parents. My father was a salesman most of his life and was gone most of the time. When he came home they would argue much of the time. My mother was very head strong and ruled the roost. I can understand why he was gone most of the time. I left home when I was 14. Although I would come home I never really lived there again. I learned to be self sufficient.
    • Linda Joy
      My mom and stepfather argued quite a bit as well. I left home when I was 15 but didn't become self-sufficient until later in life. I'm starting to see we have a lot of common life experiences it seems!
  • No, I wasn't born when my mother was a child.
  • usually nursery rhymes
  • Yup, my father too. He was in a western band and he was always singing some song or another from the old days
    • Linda Joy
      Did you sing them to your children/grandchildren?
    • dalcocono
      I did sing them to my kids, and my grandkids and now my great grandkids.

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