• Impossible to do. You can have an accident just getting out of your bed. How would you ban that?
  • Aaw. ((hugs)) Everything okay Linda?
    • Linda Joy
      Everything's great today! Thanks for asking!
  • definitely, i hate them, i hate doing stuff like falling by accident and hitting my head, have had that happen to me twice, not to mention breaking ribs, i think accidents should be done away with altogether
    • Linda Joy
      Ooh! Tough break! No really! I've broken a couple ribs myself they hurt bad!
    • pearllederman
      i know, so does hitting your head
  • Then how would you have been born? (sorry, for the comeback, it's not meant to be personal to you)
  • How could one even go about banning accidents? What about old age - that causes a lot of deaths too - but to ban getting older we'd have to kill them while they're young.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah this was sarcasm aimed at people who want to legislate everything. I'll settle for both being banned in the next life.
  • 6-5-2017 Yes, and I think hospitals should all be closed because so many people who go there die.
  • Accidents are accidents. We can't just ban them.
    • Linda Joy
      This was sarcasm aimed at people who want to ban everything
  • We should stop banning things. Let's ban, banning stuff. And I hate protests. Next protest I see, I'm gonna go protest the protest. The problem you'd have then is you'd have to ban protests. And then you'd have protestors protesting the ban. Jeezus...I feel like a hippie already.
    • Linda Joy
      thanks I needed that! LOL
  • How do they compare with abortions?
  • Hurricanes or earthquakes could not uproot or shake me up when I remember who I am. Neither and "accident".
  • Wishful thinking without common sense.

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