• There about a dozen counties which enacted a sugar/soda tax, intended to reduce obesity. It is seen as being similar to tobacco user tax. Denmark had such a tax for several decades, but repealed it because, once the EU had formed, people were able to easily buy sugary drinks tax-free in nearby countries.
  • maybe and then people wouldnt eat sugar as much
  • No, I don't think any govt should have the right to tax any food.
  • So long as the tax money would only go to medical industry and fatties.
  • I don't think sugar is the problem. (Speaking from personal experience - I hardly ever eat any sort of sweet. Note: skinny as a rail most of my life.) Obese people overeat. If the person happens to be a sweets-lover and doesn't have sweets to overeat, that person will most likely overeat whatever else they enjoy eating.
    • Linda Joy
      There are many medical conditions and medications that cause weight gain / obesity. And how would you know if you've never been fat?
      "...skinny as a rail most of my life..." Clearly suggests: not any more!
    • Linda Joy
      lol oh! o.k. Then you also know age is also a factor!
    • Chicagoan
      Most diabetics are diabetic due to genetics. Ask any doctor. Obesity isn't just overeating (holy cow, what a stupid thing to say...) You going to tax people for genetics or other life factors that you clearly know nothing about? If you want to seriously save people money, tax the morons who are still stupid enough to smoke and get cancer and dozens of other smoking-related diseases. Eating food is a basic necessity to live, and not everyone does it right due to the overwhelming contradictory messages out there about nutrition and diet. One year, eggs are bad, next year they are good, after that, they are bad again, etc etc etc. However, SMOKING is NOT a need of any kind - it is 100% idiocy and 100% damaging to your body and health and has no redeeming purpose whatsoever except to be toxic and slowly destroy your body. We've all known this for decades, and we are spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS of healthcare dollars taking care of the MORONS in this country who needlessly smoke themselves into cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis. SMOKING is a stupid and costly scourge on our country that NOBODY should have to pay for - that level of stupidity and moronic idiocy.
  • The leftards better go running to the Soros Think Tank of Ashkenazi Megaminds, and have them come up with lots and lots of new taxes, the way HidenBiden is spending money (and printing money), but fear not Comrades, for it is all part of the masterplan to birth yet another glorious commie utopia! As Lenin said "The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation."
    • Franco333
      I was thinking the same about you, then I realized your consistent drop in IQ is due to having your face superglued to the hiney of Uncle Fester ( The fumes exuded from that leftard creature is obviously not conducive to higher mental functions. On a positive note, if permanent brain damage has not yet occurred, a simple bottle of nail polish remover is the solution to your troubles.
    • Chicagoan
      Wow, so you answer yourself and call yourself names. As usual, Franco, your TINFOIL HAT is on too tight. Careful, your dentist is listening to you through your fillings! LMFAO!!
    • Franco333
      No snookums, I answered you. Your 'psychological projection' seems exponentially worse...did Mayor Fester let a fart before you could jump clear? You know that lezziegas is not conducive to clear thinking! But then IQ is not really necessary for leftist conformity, is it? I hear Mayor Fester and her (uhh, should I say her? Or is Fester's preferred pronoun 'it'?). Whatever! I hear Mayor Fester and the other psychotic mayors like Cuomo have been officially absolved of all guilt (and most important, legal consequences) of wiping out all them nursing home denizens...or as you libturds prefer to call them, 'acceptable losses'. Did she manage to dislodge you from that bootae long enough to share a celebratory glass of champagne?
    • Franco333
      I'll assume that's a no to sharing a drink with Fester, and/or dislodging you from its rump.
  • Democrats are all about making your decisions. You would have to make the decision whether or not to purchase that sugary food/beverage. They would now be there, in the form of their taxes, to make that decision for you.
  • Sugar isn't the cause of obesity - living a bad lifestyle is. The government should prohibit elected officials from investing in the pharmaceutical industry. Doing so creates a conflict of interest which results in higher healthcare costs.
  • Only if they use the money to pay for my diabetes.

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