• Anonymous
      Oh, that's bad, I know your type!
  • No, of course not. Those are the exceptions NOT the rule.
    • Linda Joy
      One of my girls was sexually assaulted yet again (second time in 5 years) and was also physically assaulted two other times in that same time frame! I'm so pissed I'm shaking!
    • Anoname
      That's an incredibly bad streak of luck but I stand by my answer - most men respect women's rights.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you. This is not the first time you have helped to restore my hope for humanity! Sorry if it felt as though I was venting 'at you'
    • Anoname
      Venting is healthy. I have broad shoulders for crying on.
    • Linda Joy
      Aww.. that's sweet! Thank you!
    • Linda Joy
      I also commented on your comment lower on the page.
  • Not where I live.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't stand for it either!
    • Anonymous
      Are you mad, Anoname??
  • Where I live, this is acceptable.
    • Linda Joy
      Well if they don't allow guns at least learn some self defense and learn your poisons! You don't have to allow this!
    • Anoname
      Interesting fact. Women usually fail in murder attempts because they tend to try poison. Poison is the most unreliable way to kill someone and the first thing women think of.
    • Linda Joy
      This was my suggestion for them. My first thought is to punch him in the throat!
  • I run away from beautiful women, cursing myself for being such a coward.
    • Anonymous
      That is why a lot of beautiful women stay home without a date, try asking a few beautiful women out & don't give up because many beautiful women do not get asked out.
  • Nope. that is not a good enough reason for no gun control. If anything, crazy women who blame men for pretty much anything that comes into their head are the reason there should be no gun control. They might end up doing anything with a gun.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't own a gun. I don't need a gun! If a man puts his hand on me without permission and doesn't remove it from me upon request I'll definitely remove it myself! And if they do try taking our guns I'll get one!
  • Pepper spray in the eyes will incapacitate an attacker, and allow escape. A kick in the nuts will punish him (GREATLY). But a gun would just kill him. I think that's too much. ....My other observation I hesitate to say... but some women get attracted to guys who are more aggressive than most, and those are the ones who'll go too far like they have a right. Just as there are women who end up married to a wife-beater three times in a row, and everyone says "rotten luck!", but it isn't a coincidence at all, it's the animal aggression (and in some case, the resemblance to the abusive father she had) which such a woman finds attractive...and on a subconscious level, so she actually thinks she is picking well, but if she really examined her choices..... Anyway, your girl might have better results if she looked for compassion, empathy. A man with those qualities is much less likely to be brutal. I know women find that kind of behavior a turn on, and kind men are not a turn on...but she should examine if she needs to change her focus. It's a possibility.
    • Linda Joy
      It was the maintenance man both times and last time she moved. But I get what you're saying and I've seen the same, still there is NO EXCUSE for that sort of behavior! I gave her several suggestions, but what is the excuse when you're only 3? You're not even safe from your own relatives! I was molested by 5 different men and one boy by the time I was 16! And I wasn't dating any of them! I only recommend guns for those who are defenseless. I asked why she didn't have teaser in hand when she opened the door... she lost it. (Btw this is not a daughter I gave birth to. I have 3 girls who found me needing a mother type person all from homeless shelters)
    • Anonymous
      In your dreams CharlieAgain!!
  • I'm not sure where you come up with the "majority" part of your question. While I most definitely agree with you on gun control, I don't see how "a majority of men" believe that.
  • If they're really dumb I guess so!
  • By the phrasing I would say at least one of us believe both of your comments -- so okay.
  • i would hope not
  • I don't believe it's okay, and I don't believe a "majority" of men in North America (I won't speak for the rest of the world) believe it's okay either. But evidently your president does, it gets a little bit repetitive but listen/watch for about six and a half minutes, to get the full effect.
    • Linda Joy
      I can't watch videos on my phone. One thing I'm glad to see is more people being held accountable for their inappropriate sexual conduct. Used to be people just got away with it nobody cared.
    • Ice man
      We're not talking about Hollywood here You really need to go to the library and watch/listen to this link on a computer. Then tell me what you think of your president/commander&chief. Yes, it's about time more people in power positions were held accountable for their disrespectful actions towards the unwary up and coming, as well as those who have already earned the respect that they deserve...
  • Beauty has nothing to do with it
  • Absolutely not and that if that's what the men in your life are saying you need to find new friends..
  • It can happen.
  • Women are always forcing themselves onto me. I am really beautiful.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you keep a tazer handy? Or are your hands registered weapons you Macho hunk of manly sex-appeal!
    • we are dough 68
      No tazer, but I do have a large water pistol. Want me to squirt you ?
  • No because it is 100% wrong. I don't say a man should not defend himself though. But this is another subject.
  • That's possible, given how widespread cultures that are VERY male-dominated are. However: I doubt very much that it is true in most wealthy Western nations, which tend to have a more egalitarian outlook.
  • No person male or female has the right to force themselves upon another person regardless of the looks of the person. Force is not love and we are commanded by Yashua to love all others.

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