• 1993, when I turned 16 and had my first pair of platform boots for my birthday.
  • 447 to 438 BC The time the master craftsmen were building the Parthenon (or the earlier temple that was there.
  • 1968.
    • Roaring
      68 was a good year for you?
  • 2007 if I could have the knowledge that I have now.
  • 1984 Leaving Jr. High School for High School. Only I would want to have been a Born Again Christian in that time period. I was making some serious miss-steps in my search for God back then.
  • I would like to travel back over many time periods of my family and be able to connect all the dots to know my genealogical family as far back as possible family by family. To learn the stories of each family, when and why they came to the USA. Where they first landed here. Where they lived and how they lived back 150 years, 250 years and even more.

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