• The same thing :-)
    • Ice man
      Hahaha Me too. I favor Granny Smith's.Thanks ; )
  • lets eat more apples then! lols
    • Ice man
      LOL Great idea !! Thanks : )
    • Myang
      i know right lols
  • Four days since last apple. Doctors have house surrounded. Barricade can't take much more. They're coming! Tell my family I love th-
    • Ice man
      It sucks when you run out of apples, but yes, I'll pass on your message for you. Any idea where they're taking you ? I might be able to round up a crew and spring ya. : )
  • Get a restraining order instead....
    • Ice man
      Those were nasty wounds the ex left you with. ....
    • beaker95
      Don't go there, Big Fella....all this plastic surgery cost me a fortune.....

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