• Be better informed, Linda. The NFL players are are not sending out a "political message" by demanding Black people not be shot for being Black. They are not a political lobby group either like the veterans group. If the veterans group had any sense they would be standing with the Black players (pun not intended) instead. Also, it is not an "offence" to kneel during the anthem - hell there is literally no "tradition" with the anthem to begin with - it's mostly made up tosh intended to make American immigrants feel "integrated" with the land they've stolen from Native Americans.
    • Linda Joy
      as usual, you have no idea what you're talking about, jism!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Black people are not shot for being black. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid. And read your history, dude. All human expansion is based on conquest. Even the Native Americans did it.
    • ReiSan
      Black people are not being shot for being black. They are being shot because they commit the most crimes of any group and hate the law and policemen, so they often attack policeman. A policeman should be able to defend himself when someone crazed attacks him and could try to take his gun and shoot him. It is disrespectful to not stand for the national anthem. Millions of people do not want to see people who refuse to respect the nation that makes millionaires of these not so bright players of a children's game. Millions boycott the NFL because they are offended. They are on the job, and it is foolish to offend millions of customers. These players cannot even express why and what they are protesting coherently and consistently.
  • I think they're worried that it's going to have a snowball effect with everyone trying to send some more or other. Probably too little, too late anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      They made a mistake by letting this happen. The rules were already in place they needed to enforce them. But they can't afford this decision! Not even a scripted fairy tale ending to the season can save them now! A very powerful empire has been destroyed because of this ignorance! Those players were in a powerful position to effect positive change and they chose to go about it all wrong by disrespecting our veterans and our flag. This was a life saving opportunity for the NFL to give the other side an 'equal opportunity' if you will to PAY TO voice their side and they throw it away? !?! So much for their claim to support equality!! IMO they deserve to crash and burn now! It's no longer an unfortunate incident, but a conscious decision!
  • How terrible people in America have the freedom to say what they feel and speak out against oppression at times when people like you haven't given them permission.
    • Linda Joy
      that's a load crap! It's the veterans who aren't being allowed to voice their opinion. And it's not like the media hasn't been covered up with the opinion of those doing this. and if you would be honest with yourself you would admit it! yes, they have a right to protest. They could have done it effectively, but they chose not to. So... They shoot themselves in the foot, ruined their career, ruin their business and their industry! Congratulations idiots!
  • This has nothing to do with disrespecting veterans, no more than not wearing or not, a flag pin as a us representative. There is no uniform meaning in the rituals man creates. Those meanings are made up. No great entrepreneur of the 19,20th and 21st century conformed to the norm. The issue of these recent times is to expose institutional prejudice, institutional sexism. The ad suggests: You conform and support, you digress and you don't. total bullshit.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you kidding me?! How can you say this is not about the veterans? Did you even read the article? I thought you more than most others on here would be in support of equal rights and hearing both sides even if you don't agree. I can't believe anyone who claims this is about right to free speech and right to protest has the audacity to say the veterans don't deserve the same rights when they're the ones who swore to support and defend them, and in some cases fought and died to defend them! But I'll agree with you that 'bullshit' pretty much sums it up!
    • Roaring
      The problem is generalizing the position of veterans. Just like generalizing the position of citizens or Catholics etc. Someone taking a knee is not related at all to respect or disrespect to veterans. The sponsoring vets are no more a representation of all vets as one Christian denomination is for all Christians.
    • Linda Joy
      Those veterans have every bit as much right to free speech as the people protesting. And those veterans are not generalizing any more than the people talking a knee imagining they represent anyone else's interest but their own. Their actions have not served to unify, but only force a greater division. Other than practically destroying the NFL what did they accomplish?
    • Roaring
      To suggest that a specific request to "Stand for our Veterans" advertisement is free speech, contradicts free speech as it has been expressed by those taking a knee. The implication shames those exercising free speech by linking "Standing" specifically as veteran support. When in fact the adjustment to the sitting to taking a knee was a direct response to sitting being misconstrued and reinterpreted as meaning something else.
  • Fire all them assholes who are taking a knee! Bunch of whining-assed millionaires.
  • not sure how they can say that

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