• You should think about staying where you are. Community college is a perfect place to figure out where you want to go. If you move, you'll probably just take your problems with you and 4 year universities are much more expensive places to figure things out.
  • I'm not sure what your definition of "not doing too hot" but if the grades are mostly B average, you can start to work hard and increase your grades back up. While forfeiting your currently enrollment and start afresh at another college is time consuming, it is certainly a wise idea if say, your current grades are mostly C and D. Now, if that is the case, I would literally quit what you're doing and start to evaluate your life goals. If you do decide to go the 4-year college route, do not transfer your bad grades into the four-year college, no matter how much pressure they have on you. I have made that mistake, and still regret it today.
  • A community college is not a 4 year university. If you can't handle community college, university will be harder. Quit and start again. Or go talk to your guidance counselor and get advice on how to correct the problems you have.

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